Bish Mubarak is a successful businessman

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Bish Mubarak attended the University of Western Ontario, which is what helped him to put him on the path towards success as a businessman. Bish Mubarak is a successful businessman who works in the energy industry. This is not an easy situation—the energy industry was recently deregulated, so it is an industry that offers a lot of chaos, rather than stability. It is an environment, though, where an innovative businessman will excel. Bish Mubarak is known as an innovative businessman who is a veteran of the relatively young energy industry. Mubarak founded TBG International at the young age of twenty-six. TBG International went on to become a player in the recently-deregulated energy industry of Canada.

Bish Mubarak has a passion for mentoring individuals in the energy industry. Over the course of the last fourteen years, Bish Mubarak has been able to mentor over fifty-thousand individuals. Most of these individuals have chosen to stay involved in the deregulated energy industry. Bish Mubarak has mentored people from a wide range of cultural, religious, and social backgrounds. He stresses the importance of professionalism, integrity, and commitment to the needs of clients. These are the virtues that have helped to make him successful.

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